Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting closer to closing!

We're almost 2 weeks away from closing, and things are coming together fairly well! There's just a few things to take care of mortgage wise, and then comes the fun of signing all the documents.

Our new refrigerator!

As we have slowly rolled closer and closer to owning a house, we've made some appliance purchases as we found deals. The biggest purchase so far has been the refrigerator! We got a great deal on an LG door in door model, saving us over $1000 at the expense of a couple scratches and dents where they won't even be noticed.

I also caught a great deal on a mailer at work, getting a great garage refrigerator and a nice looking entertainment center for a total of $200!

Now, between the 2 fridges and the chest freezer, all our refrigeration needs have been taken care of.

However, right as we were rolling along, another emergency situation hit. We're not exactly unfamiliar with emergency situations after one dog got bit by a snake in the same month as $800 in emergency car repairs. Add on to that a $300 vet bill for the other dog to get sutures, another $500 vet bill for the first dog to get his herniated disk in his back repaired, and now a broken washing machine.

That's right, the 2.5 year old washing machine I bought brand new in 2011 blew a transmission all of 6 months out of warranty.

The offending Whirlpool Cabrio
I guess I should've checked the reviews on Amazon, because they're pretty mediocre.

So, after some emergency triage (yes, i found a service manual and got into the diagnostic menu), I declared this washer to be a lost cause, and we started our search for a new washer. I had a brand new copy of Consumer Reports sitting on my coffee table from the refrigerator search, and ended up giving it a quick read. I settled on either LG, Samsung, or Maytag. Given that we didn't have much time at all to sit on our hands and do research, I think we got a pretty decent deal.

We got the new washer "new in box" for $550 off of list, and $250 off of the best prices I could find.
The new Samsung washer

It's got a ton of great features!

Beyond that, there's not much more to report on the house front. We're keeping our fingers on the pulse of the riding lawn mower market, hoping to get a good deal, because that is the first thing that needs done upon our moving in.

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