Monday, November 18, 2013

The Big Day is Finally here!!

Our House!

Closing was today!!

After dealing with a week and a half of logistical nightmare, we finally signed on the dotted line, over and over and over again, until eventually they said enough and we now own the house!

There's still one small hiccup between now and us getting the keys. Due to the fact that our closing was delayed by a few days, we have one more document that needs to be corrected to the proper closing date, and then we can swing by and pick up the keys!

Not only that, but with my first law school final out of the way as of tonight, we can focus on the next two months. We don't have to move out of the apartment until mid-January, so we have two months to affect any changes we want with no furniture to move around.

Now comes the fun part, a list of DIY projects on the horizon!

Trim and exterior door paint 
 We're going to shoot for something a little less "southwest", and something a little more on the grayscale. The only complication is going to be that the shingles are red, so we will have to work that in with the rest of the exterior

            Wood Paneling
I'm really looking forward to taking a crowbar to the wood paneling in the living and dining rooms! Can't wait to find out what's underneath!

Entry Wall                

That left wall in the entry is just begging to meet the sawzall! That will open up that entire side of the house immediately!

        Hardwood Flooring 
  The floor is just a few shades too bright for the rest of the house. Some of this will be cleaned up by ripping down the wood paneling. We're also going to spring for some darker hand-scraped wood to complement the rest of the house a little better.

Temporary Dog Run       

The dogs need their own little area off of the patio. It'll keep them from squeezing through the gaps in the chain link fence, and will keep me from going insane trying to corral them!

This garden will be huge, it will be awesome, and it will be DIY! Thinking about my garden has gotten me through a really lame growing season this year.

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