Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Work Begins

We took possession of the house on Friday, and spared no time in starting the renovation process. There were a few things on the "need to go post-haste" list, and they're all taken care of now.

Our new home!

After a trip to the closest hardware store, we came home with a pair of crowbars and went to town on the wood paneling until 11pm on Friday night. We also removed the accordion doors in front of the washroom, and I started removing the floral valance over the sliding glass door.

We got angry!
I then spent most of Saturday finishing off the wood paneling, ripping the valance off, and trying to fix a sticking front door. Also, during that time, we had our refrigerator delivered, and an attic inspection that told me what I need to do to increase my energy efficiency (because I'm not paying $2500 to have other people cut soffit holes and blow insulation when I can do it for much cheaper).

Then, however, our fortunes took a turn for the worse. When we got home (to the apartment), the toilet had malfunctioned (the float valve stuck in the down position, i think), and flooded half the apartment. One emergency call to maintenance later, and we were up at 1am moving everything out of the second bedroom and packing it to take to the house. This included the modem, our main computer, and a bunch of books and other equipment. We decided that this was a sign to transfer the internet service sooner rather than later.

After moving all of that into the house on Sunday, we took some time to clean up the wood paneling and hang some lights on the back patio (the existing lights were dim and underwhelming).

Next up for us is some spackling and taping of the newly exposed drywall, a bit of paint, and some electrical work. I'll also try to get some before and afters up so you can see the difference between Friday night and now!

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