Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Small updates and drawing close

Apologies for the horrid formatting. Cell phone blogging is awkward at best. The apartment has been without Internet for a few weeks (since the infamous flooding incident), and the house isn't quite "get ready for work"  ready.

This last weekend has been a flurry of activity. Lauren and I got out into the front yard and cleaned up all the downed tree limbs, hopefully stopping the steady stream of landscapers with a pickup and a chainsaw from ringing our doorbell. They wanted $500 for what took us about 2 hours with an axe and a pair of gloves (I didn't want to waste all the gas on cutting tiny limbs with the chainsaw).

We also sanded and prepped one of the living room walls for painting. Unfortunately the backing glue for the wood paneling, along with damage from tearing down the paneling made for a rather uneven finish.

Now we have to decide whether it's uneven enough to redo, or whether the wall is fine to be painted. Lauren painted a small part gray, but it looks too blue at the moment. Perhaps we should restart? We'll see.

I'm all finished prepping the opening in the entry way to be reframed, and the miter saw came in the mail. Now it should be relatively simple to frame and drywall the new opening.

We're off to Indy for a few weeks, and then we move in!

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