Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Got the raised beds finished and more!

Things have been moving very quickly at the abode, but I love taking a step back and enjoying the nature. I'm sitting at home on the porch, listening to a rooster crow in the distance, and bird song abounds.

The cat is up in the tree, enjoying the sun and the birds!

  The dogs are acting guilty for some reason!

The raised beds are finished and in place, just waiting for a few improvements and some soil!

We finally have a (temporary) place to put our compost.

And potatoes are started in their cylinders!

 On a whim we pull all the ivy off the garage wall, because it was all dying or dead. We like it, but not when it is causing damage to the attic and all brown.

I'm really proud of how the raised beds have turned out! We just need a few small things before filling them in with soil. 1) I want to add small tubes for putting hoops in the future. 2) I want to put some 6' tall beams on either end of the bed to string up some growing twine for tomatoes, viney plants, and melons.

I think we've already outgrown the compost. It's now full to the top since we've added all the vines from the garage! We need to see whether we can expand it, and possibly find a permanent home.

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