Monday, March 3, 2014

Sleet, Compost, and Finishing the raised beds

Today is a "work from home" day, as the roads were icy and slick this morning. It was a balmy 16 degrees, and there's a small coating of ice/sleet on everything.

I brought in the lemon tree yesterday, as it was already showing signs of withering, and I brought in our ornamental potato plants, as they weren't happy about the cold either.

After a month of having a compost bucket in the house, it was finally time to set up an actual compost to dump the scraps into. A trip to the home improvement store and $20 later, I had some half-off chicken wire, and some 3 foot metal stakes. With the assistance of a hammer and a block of wood, I pounded the stakes into the ground, giving us an approximately 3'x4' compost pile. I dumped some bagged compost into the the pile, and added the food scraps from the kitchen. Easy breezy compost pile for less than $20!

The left over chicken wire was made into 2 cylinders for growing potatoes, but I haven't decided where they go yet.

The raised beds are almost done, with final assembly waiting on the last two. Each side of the bed is done, it's just fashioning them into a box that awaits. This is easy and simple, so I'm hoping to have it done early next weekend.

It was a good, productive weekend! Lauren took 4 hours on Saturday to cook freezer meals for the month, and I spent some time taking care of outdoor projects. Now it's just a waiting game until we thaw out, and more work can continue!

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