Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter: Death and Resurrection

As we approach the eve of Jesus' death and resurrection, I am confronted with metaphorical and literal representations of death and resurrection from God through nature. I happen to be a master at sentencing poor plants to death, but somehow, they mostly end up resurrected and thriving just a few months later.

A sad, pathetic pile of leaves that used to be a sweet mint plant
With a light freeze that came through here a few days ago, many plants have taken a beating, or have died. However, somewhere in the roots, they still cling to life, and they will come back with a vengeance!

This sad thorny bush surely had kicked the bucket when I transplanted it, but here it is sprouting new leaves!
This strawberry plant came to me a brown ball of roots, no life to be seen!
This lemon tree lost all its leaves during an earlier frost!
These poor vegetables are going through shock after the late freeze this week
I've unintentionally killed this spearmint 3 or 4 times through 2 summers, yet somehow it's still hanging around!
This hard to see little twig was a $1 clearance bin find at the home improvement store (i think it's a bush)
The grass itself is awakening from its slumber as the temps come back up

It's an amazing testimony to the grace and power of God that these plants have survived the months and years of neglect and torture! However, it's just a glimpse of the grace and power that we are commemorating this weekend! Happy Easter everybody!

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