Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paint and More

Last weekend, Lauren was busy with painting the living room. We had started a while back, but the color was wrong, and the wall wasn't quite smooth enough.

She started by finishing and redoing the spackle job on the walls.

While she was doing that, I was busy cutting and installing drywall (don't worry about that small hole, the drywall on the left is coming down to be replaced).

Then, she tarped off the walls that she wanted to paint.

We were very extra careful to make sure that our furniture was not exposed to any dust, even if it got through the tarp. It turns out this was a GREAT idea, because we weren't perfect, and there was some dust that got through.

Then Lauren spent a good part of a day with the new orbit sander, getting the wall as smooth as possible.

This is absolutely the hardest part. It has to be completely smooth, and these old walls were not willing to play nice. She spent hours trying to get it just right.

Then comes the paint! We went with a darker color than we were originally planning, as the lighter grey had too much of a blue hue and was entirely too light, and didn't look good on such a big wall.

You can see the difference in the color we were originally going to go with (on the left, in the entryway) and the color we settled on. I think it looks tons better with this shade!

This weekend, we're doing some outdoors projects. The first was to cut up the last limb in the front yard, finishing most of a project that was put on hold when I bent the chain on my chainsaw.  Here's a sneak peek at the other project:


  1. I love how its coming along. The couch looks great with the wall color. Cant wait to see it the the entertainment center painted!!!

    1. I was really surprised how much the dark wall color drew in the walls and made the room feel a bunch more cozy without at all feeling cramped. It's still a huge space, but it doesn't feel like a cathedral anymore.