Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Slowly making progress!

This is just a quick hit, and the pictures will come later on. We took some time this weekend to finally resolve the bare walls in the living room. Lauren did all the work, prepping the walls with a coat of spackle (my previous attempt needed a second coat in some spots, and a first coat in others), sanding the walls smooth, and putting a coat of new paint on the wall.

We went with a darker and less blue color (charcoal gray), and it looks amazing! Lauren was able to get the entirety of the "big wall" in the living room done, and just has a small portion around the entryway to take care of as well. Then, the living room will be done (for now)!

Next weekend, Lauren will finish the living room paint, and start focusing on the side of the entryway that I just got framed and drywalled. The "dining room" is due to have a bunch of the drywall ripped out, as I hunt after termite damage. Then we'll put up new drywall and paint that room as well.

Finally, I've been playing with my new riding lawn mower, trying to get it to start. I've replaced the battery, gotten a new key, and am now working on keeping it running. It'll start for 15 seconds and then stall.

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