Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Update - Our 2014 Goals

At the beginning of the year, I laid out our goals for this year, and after a month and a half, it's time to see how we're coming along so far.

1) Finish up the entryway opening ASAP!!!! -  DONE! The entryway opening is sealed up, and awaiting paint.

2) Scrape the popcorn ceilings in the living room. - Unofficially started. When taking down some of the tarp from when we painted the living room, I "accidentally" took some of the popcorn with it. 

3) Remodel the kitchen (summer). - May or may not happen on schedule. We're looking to see whether we want to save for the kitchen, or use the money for something else.

4) New flooring (before Christmas). - Will happen after the kitchen.

5) Raised beds for the vegetable garden (February). - Have the materials! I'm just waiting on a weekend when I have enough time to build the beds.

6) Drip irrigation for the garden (February/March). - Waiting on the raised beds.

7) Plant an orchard (February). - Trees will be here in a week or so!

8) Fix the broken sprinkler system (spring). - I have the sprinkler head to fix this, but I'm thinking about completely replacing the system with a drip irrigation system. This would remove us from having timing restrictions for when we can water.

9) Replace the mantle - Looking for a good piece to use as the mantle.

10) Curtains - Waiting to get curtain rods.

11) Host Christmas 2014 -  Still on track.

12) Move out of the apartment and into the house!! - The out of the apartment part is DONE! The into the house part is still in progress. We're hoping to use the next few weekends to continue unpacking and moving in.


13) Hang both bikes in the garage - I already have one hanging, and it's an easy task, but it needs to be moved to a better place once the garage gets cleaned up. The other bike should go up nice and easy.

14) Put up a dog run - After a few escape attempts, I have propped up some logs at every conceivable exit point. However, it will be nice to get a dog run built so that we don't have to babysit the dogs every time they're in the yard.

15) Put a cat door in the shed - The cats currently get into their home via a log propping the front door of the shed open. If the wind gets bad enough, it pushes the log away and swings the shed door wide open, scaring the cats and exposing them to the elements. I have the cat door, but I just need to get the jigsaw and cut the opening.

16) Get the lawn mower up and running - It is soooo close, but not quite there yet. Now I just need to get it over the hump or take it in to the dealer to fix.

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